Clear Dark Sky

Created March 2020
Let's go stargazing tonight...

Clear Dark Sky uses the power of technology to enhance a user's night time outdoor experience. The user can see whether or not they will have good stargazing viewing conditions based on their location, weather, and the state of the moon.

This project was completed by an entirely remote team due to the COVID-19 situation. Team members met virtually using Zoom Meetings to discuss the project and work on code together.

In order to determine viewing conditions, we needed to decide on what factors we would take into account. To keep things simple, we determined the following two factors should be considered:

  • Moon Illumination - needed because light reflecting off the moon will drown out stars
  • Cloud cover - needed to determine how much of the night sky was visible

Using if/else statements, we determine if the current moon illumination and cloud coverage fall into either "excellent", "good", or "bad" viewing conditions. This result is returned to the user on the website along with an image of the sky that matches their result.

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*Please know that this project is currently not running as intended due to an expired API key.
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